Do Less to Do More

Do Less to Do More

Man holding Stop SignIt’s not working. And as hard as I try, it’s not getting any better. In fact, the harder I try, the worse things seem to become.

Ever been there? I have. You probably have too.

Yes, there are times when working harder is exactly what we need to do. If it were easy, anybody could do it, and probably already would have! Almost nothing important or valuable comes without more-than-average effort.

But for people with Type-A personalities like me, the more common problem is working too hard at something, rather than not working at all. And that can end up making all our effort nearly useless.

This principle may be especially important in the areas of our life that matter most:

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It’s So Tough: Get MORE

Girl Holding RoseTrouble comes to all of us. But how do you handle trouble? How does trouble change you? What can  you do about it?

The latest Totally Free Ministries newsletter talks about trouble from a Christian perspective. You’ll find out:

  •  – Unhealthy ways we respond to trouble
  •  – Healthy ways to respond to trouble
  •  – The kinds of choices we have when trouble comes
  •  – The difference God makes when we go through trouble

The perspectives shared here may be different than you expect. We invite you to check it out, and let us know what you think.

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Does It Matter How the Dishwasher is Loaded?

Dishes from the DishwasherAsk a group of married women for a list of complaints about their husbands, and high on that list would be, “He doesn’t help around the house enough.”

For those of you who don’t have that complaint, you’re blessed.  Certainly it has a lot to do with his personality, and yours. And for the record, that’s NOT a complaint I have about my husband. (Thank you, Honey!)

But part of the reason I don’t is because I learned something about him early on. If I gave my husband affirmation when he did something, he wanted to do it again. He wants to please me, and if I let him know how to do that, it almost always works!

Men are in many ways more simple than women are.

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It’s Not Forever!

Try for the GoalWe human beings like things to be predictable. It saves a lot of mental and physical energy when we know what to expect.

Most of us choose the default settings on our lives most of the time, even if it’s painful, scary, boring, or unhealthy. We drive through the same fast-food restaurant, buy the same things, and watch the same TV programs.

We also stay in the same destructive relationships, overspend on the same credit cards, and get angry at the same problems we’ve always fussed about. It’s what we know and what we think we deserve.

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Something Old, Something New

Moving DaySome people live in the same home for decades. There are moments I wish I knew what that was like! I’ve moved many times in my life, sometimes across town and sometimes across country.

One thing moving does is force you to “go through things.” Moving is tough, and disposing of stuff you don’t need or want lightens the load. For reasons beyond our control we’re getting ready to move again – this time just across town.

And that means STUFF is everywhere.

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