6 Steps to Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

Prevent Alzheimer's DiseaseYou probably either know or know of someone who developed dementia as they got older. Alzheimer’s disease – the most common form of dementia – is feared by more adults than any other disease except cancer. But dementia is not inevitable. While you may not be able to guarantee how your mind will function in the future, there’s much you can do to effectively prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

“Senior moments” may lead many middle-aged individuals to worry if these are early signs of dementia. Forgetting where you left your keys or missing an appointment because you forgot can be scary. It’s reassuring to know that most people experience such “senior moments” as they get older, and only rarely do these indicate impending dementia. There’s no need to worry unless these are accompanied by other more serious symptoms, or they begin to affect your daily functioning. Other people who know you well can also provide feedback; if your spouse notices a personality change, or if your coworkers are concerned that you’re no longer doing your job adequately, it’s time for further evaluation.

Alzheimer’s disease is a complex disorder involving the death of brain cells. Tangles involving the neurons in the brain, deposits of abnormal proteins such as amyloid, and other specific changes all contribute to this cell death. As more brain cells die, the remaining brain cells eventually become unable to pick up important functions such as memory, communication, and judgment.

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50 Date Night Questions For Couples

Date Night QuestionsRemember when you and your sweetheart would talk for hours, about anything and everything? There was never enough time. But as the years have passed, you may struggle to find fresh things to talk about. You could use come triggers to get the conversation flowing again – some Date Night Questions that might bring you closer together.

Here’s a bunch of possibilities to get you talking. I suggest you choose two or three, and write them down. Then over coffee, while sitting under the stars, or while enjoying a leisurely desert, ask the questions. Then spend some time listening. You may find out some things about your spouse you never knew before.

And feel free to take these questions and modify in ways that would make them your own.

Date Night Questions

  1. What do you remember about the time we first met?
  2. What was it about me that interested you?
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Why You Must Find Your WHY

Find Your WHYBrianna sat down to chat yesterday. Her second child is nine months old, and she and her husband are planning to try for a third within the next few months. They returned from a trip to France just a matter of days ago, and she couldn’t get enough of the good food there. She’s also trying to complete some extra coursework/certifications to further her nursing career. She knows she needs to make some changes in her lifestyle. “But not right now,” she said. “Perhaps in a couple years, when things settle down, I’ll work on changing my diet and getting healthier.”

I’ve got some news for Brianna. Things will never settle down enough to make it “easy” to get healthier. If she has a third child there will be that many more clothes to wash, doctor’s appointments to keep up with, and daycare or school decisions to make. More career opportunities will only add to potential responsibilities and their attendant stresses. More money could mean even more travel, more interesting restaurants to visit, and more reasons to delay making healthy lifestyle changes.

If you’re waiting until circumstances “settle down,” you’ll never start that exercise program, change your eating habits, have that difficult conversation, launch that business idea, make date night a regular appointment, or study the Bible more. You will only do the truly important things if you find a reason that’s bigger than your current circumstances.

You’ll only make a change when you find your WHY.

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10 Healthy Weight Loss Tips

Weight LossLosing weight – or trying to – is big business. Researchers tell us that being overweight or obese affects two-thirds of American adults. The emotional, physical, and relationship costs of being overweight are heavy. And it’s expensive: the US diet control and weight loss market is worth about $62 billion/year.

But there are also plenty of success stories. My husband is one of them. He lost about 100 pounds, and did it without dieting! And he hasn’t gained any of it back. It was mostly a matter of eating smart – less processed foods, more fruits and vegetables and healthy protein. I’m so proud of him! And if you need to lose weight, I know you can do the same thing.

Here are some healthy weight loss tips that I used in helping my husband to lose weight. And they’re the same tips I give to my patients when they want that same kind of help. I believe focusing on lifestyle change is the safest, healthiest, and wisest way for most people to lose weight, but you may need some help along the way. It may not be sexy, but this kind of weight loss is the kind you’ll be able to maintain.

10 Healthy Weight Loss Tips

  1. You are more than your body weight! Your happiness, your relationships, your spiritual life – all are more important than your BMI (body mass index). Keep things in perspective. There are no scales at the pearly gate into heaven.
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My List of Recommended Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional supplementsYou can’t watch TV, search the internet, or walk into the pharmacy section of your favorite grocery store without being bombarded by advertisements and promotions that all but promise that THIS supplement will give you energy, cure whatever ails you, and guarantee a long and healthy life. No wonder the nutritional supplements business racks up billions of dollars in sales every year.

But is all that money doing us any good? The claims for many supplements seem too good to be true. And many of them are. But you – you’re not swayed by all that advertising hype! You’re a savvy buyer, and want the best value for your health dollar.

I often get asked about nutritional supplements by patients and others who want to live healthy and feel better the natural way. And that’s smart. So here’s my list of recommended nutritional supplements. It’s a short list, because I demand strong research before being able to recommend any supplement or product. Some of these recommendations are guarded, as you will see. But you asked, and here’s my list.

The supplements I can recommend to my patients and to you:

  • Phytonutrient supplements: Few of us get the recommended 9+ servings of fresh fruits and vegetables daily.

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