When Your Faith Conflicts With Government

US Supreme Court BuildingAs a Christian in the United States I and the other believers living here have been spoiled. We have enjoyed, for the most part, a relative freedom to believe, worship, and encourage others to join us in our faith. Most of us have taken these freedoms for granted. Some see the recent rulings by the US Supreme Court as a direct affront to those freedoms. Christians are deeply divided over these recent events, with people on both sides attacking the veracity of the faith of those on the other side.

I have been deeply disturbed by many of these recent events, including many of the responses. I’ve asked myself the question, How would Jesus respond if He were living in our culture? What does it mean to be a follower of Jesus today? And what is a godly response when your faith conflicts with government or culture? Where is the line between throwing stones and caving in?

As clear as my beliefs are about the same-sex marriage debate, that’s not what this post is primarily about. I’m looking at something deeper. Issues of justice, religious freedom, and sexual ethics are important. But we must remember that they are not the only important issues, and perhaps are not the most important at all. When Jesus was here on Earth He was most concerned about the state of the human heart. (Matthew 15:19)

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Change One Small Thing, and Change Your Future

Walking ShoesJust yesterday I talked with a young lady who is enjoying reading Live Healthy, Live Whole. She identified with Mary, whose story I tell in Chapter 2. Mary waited too long to deal with a physical problem and died much too soon as a result. My new friend felt there were some things in her life that might create problems in the future if she didn’t deal with them now. She didn’t want to end up like Mary.

I hope you feel the same way. There are many areas where something small will change your future – good or bad. One habit, one decision, one risk not taken, one opportunity not explored can sabotage everything you hope to achieve and experience. We’ve heard just this week about another Christian leader whose life and ministry have been forever marred by a moral failure – one bad decision halting his usefulness for at least a number of years.

But that truth is just as strong in the positive direction. One positive mental attitude developed, one investment regularly made, one relationship treasured, and the payoff will be so much more than you ever imagined. In our microwave society we too often forget the power of regular small investments over time. The most valuable achievements take time to grow.

Here are 25 things you can change today that will result in a big payoff tomorrow. Choose just one. Do it consistently, and see the wonderful change your future begins to show. And when that one becomes a habit, choose another one.

25 Small Changes Today to Change Your Future

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Preparing For Menopause

Menopausal WomanIt seems that every time I’m around a group of women and they find out I’m an OB-Gyn doctor the subject of menopause and hormones comes up. Some women look forward to the end of periods, birth control, and related concerns. Others dread the coming hormonal changes because of their own previous problems with hormones or the stories they’ve heard from their mothers and older sisters.

If you’re a woman over 30 you may have had symptoms that make you wonder if you’re going through menopause too early. And if you’re over 40 you’ve certainly thought about menopause. This doesn’t have to be a traumatic transition, and you don’t have to become a victim to your hormones during this time. Preparing for menopause before it comes isn’t an idea many people think about, but it can be helpful.

Here are some things you can do in advance that will make menopause much more manageable:

  1. Find out about your family history. There are many variables that determine when a woman goes through menopause, and what symptoms she may or may not have.

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6 Reasons Your Wife Doesn’t Want Sex

Relationship ProblemsIf you’re like many men you want sex more than your wife does. If she says NO your natural reaction is to take it personally. The message you hear is, “She doesn’t respect me enough to be my sexual partner when I need her to be. She’s interested in just about anything else rather than meeting my needs. If she really cared about all I do for her she’d say Yes.”

And truthfully you want her to do more than say Yes. You want her to want you, to want sex, to respond enthusiastically. You may even want her to ask you for sex.

I’ll have plenty to say to wives when I write to them about this topic. But for now, I’m giving you an inside picture of what may be going on in your wife’s mind when she says No. There are many possible reasons your wife doesn’t want sex, and many of them have nothing to do with you. And the good news is that by understanding some of these factors you may be able to help her respond to you more effectively.

Some women’s natural sex drive is quite strong, and that may overcome these barriers to intimacy in marriage without much trouble. For other women these reasons may loom large and present enormous challenges for her. A woman’s sexual response is more affected by other areas of her life than yours probably is. Here are some possible reasons your wife doesn’t want sex:

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This Is NOT God’s Will

Understanding GodBad things are happening – to people you know, to Christians here and in other places, and perhaps to you also. For people of faith the question continues to arise, Is all this really God’s will? If He is good and powerful, why do so many bad things continue to happen to good people?

Many have tried to answer those types of questions with high-sounding theological arguments. But in the end the only answer that really counts is the one you come to in your own heart after an encounter with God.

What is God’s will? The witness of Scripture and of other believers helps with that question. Remember that in the Bible very bad things happened to God’s best friends. In today’s world, here are some things that are NOT God’s will.

Recent Events in the United States

  • The shooting and massacre during a prayer meeting in a church in Charleston, SC this week.
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