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God created you as a unique and integrated whole. The physical, mental, relational, and spiritual parts of you are inseparable – “baked together” just as the flour, sugar, eggs, and salt are in a loaf of bread. What affects one part of you affects every other part.

Here you will find resources that will help you experience the clarity and motivation you need to accomplish the purpose for which God has placed you here.

As an OB-Gyn physician, ordained Christian minister, talk-show host, author, and speaker I’ve help thousands of people work through the roadblocks and experience more of the Fully Alive kind of life that Jesus came to bring. Find out more about me here.

And I’d love to help you too!

 Dr. Carol’s Guide to Women’s Health

Take Charge of Your Physical and Emotional Wellbeing

Dr Carol's Guide to Women's Health

Women’s Health has become a hot topic in 21st century culture. When you hear that term you probably think first of the kind of healthcare you would receive at a women’s clinic or your OB-Gyn physician’s office. Unfortunately the controversies over such things as contraception, abortion, and insurance coverage have obscured what women’s health is really all about.

A healthy woman is so much more than her reproductive organs!

Have you ever:

  • Wondered whether your symptoms are “normal” or something serious?
  • Struggled with a love-hate relationship with your hormones?
  • Wanted to use as-natural-as-possible means to deal with your health issues, but didn’t know where to start?
  • Felt overwhelmed at the confusing and expensive American healthcare system?
  • Wished for a way to consistently bring your faith into play with your reproductive health – minus the drama?
  • Needed to lose weight, manage stress better, or connect with your husband?

Those are exactly the kind of questions Dr Carol’s Guide to Women’s Health will help you with.

In this book, I bring together medical science, my practical experience, and a faith perspective to address the spectrum of both physical and mental/emotional health issues women face throughout the various stages of their lives.

But there’s so much you can do to get better. You can take charge of your physical and emotional wellbeing. You can take charge of your health, and your healthcare. And this book will help you do just that.

In Dr Carol’s Guide to Women’s Health I talk about what’s normal and what’s not when it comes to women’s health. I talk about pelvic pain, abnormal bleeding, pregnancy, contraception, infertility, menopause, and hormones. I also talk about preventing diseases of aging, staying younger longer, interacting with the healthcare system, supplements, and saving on your healthcare dollar. I talk about women’s mental health issues (including those related to hormonal problems), sex and sexuality, stress management, and healthy spirituality. You’ll find yourself referring to this book over and over as you help your daughter through becoming a woman during adolescence, or navigating the various stages of your life as a woman.

Read a FREE sample chapter here!

Dr Carol’s Guide to Women’s Health will be released on February 2, 2016. You can pre-order now, at Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, or Books-a-Million. Or find out more right here.


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